“I reached out to Lorraine because I felt tired, sad, afraid, weighed down, irritable and anxious. Though the state I was in had been slowly creeping up on me, it catapulted to new levels after a crisis in my family this winter. At certain crossroads in my life I have worked with various teachers, counselors, and professionals in the mind/body wellness field. It is no exaggeration to describe my work with Lorraine as the most helpful, expedient, easy road to change that I have ever walked. The change in my outlook, behavior and attitude lifted to a lighter, joyous one after the first appointment. After several appointments the change was deeply felt, integrated and I felt wholesome and sweetly happy in an authentic way. I eliminated the use of a prescription drug I had been on for a long time and felt much better without it. It was simple to carry with me into my daily life, the new consciousness she opened up within me. I embraced the simplicity of the readily available ways of re framing what were previously draining conflicts and relationships for me. I was able to put this into immediate practice for noticeable changes within me – I feel freer and more gently in control of myself than I have in a long time. I actually feel like I am enjoying my relationship with ME. I would also add that my loved ones are benefitting as I evolve. During my first week of work I opened up issues related to intimacy and the very next time I was together with my husband, I experienced a sense of pleasure, creation, communication and spontaneity that had been missing for some time. Lorraine is fun to work with, there is nothing hard or heavy about it. She exemplifies all that she teaches and exudes an energy that put me at ease the minute I started. All I had to do is make a choice and show up. How does it get any better than this?” L.H. – Massachusetts

Good Morning Lorraine: “The Molecular Communion with Gold” & “Intensity – The New Normal” Telecalls were AMAZING!!! I adore working with you to create and out create all that is possible and all we have yet to imagine. When I get ready for our calls, so much energy is generated. When I re-read or listen to our calls, the rhythm of asking questions gets into my psyche on an even deeper level; so much more flow happens that I hadn´t yet imagined. It´s magical stuff. Thank you deeply for the great life changing work. L. M. – Chicago.

Lorraine, I want to thank you for your Access Bars class last month. Since then, I have been able to run my child’s and husband’s bars. This has definitely made a difference in our household. We all are much happier and at ease. Communication has improved for all of us between each other and with others outside our home. I noticed that I personally had more energy and was able to prioritize tasks and accomplish more throughout my day. My child became more vocal, and more confident physically. My husband feels calmer and our relationship has improved. How does it get even better than this? C.S. – Florida

Dear Lorraine: I can’t express how great I felt and still feel since the MTVSS Session on Monday. I have known your work for years and you always did wonders with my aches and pains but this time it was different with the new methods you are using. It is very hard to explain, but I have a new awareness and asking the questions instead of trying to perceive an answer ~ which makes so much sense. We are approaching some very serious business decisions and I feel now instead of being bogged down with the problems – I am uplifted and aware of what potential these dealings will be and have a far better perspective of the day ahead of me. Thank you so much…..” D.L. – Florida

“Truly this work is Phenomenal!!! I had a cornucopia of physical and mental issues suffered from a car accident over 20 years ago where my body underwent major trauma; I did not dream any longer, I was not perspiring at all, my clarity was out the window and my wrist was in chronic pain. After one session of “Cellular Memory Advanced Bodywork” I began to dream, my mental clarity returned where I could actually focus, my wrist was healed, and I began actually perspiring during the bodywork session! I have such gratitude for this work!” M.G. – Florida

“WOW, incredible work! While receiving “Advanced Bodywork” the most amazing shift occurred. For years I was unable to alternately open my right eye while keeping my left eye closed, which was pretty frustrating to me. During the session, I had the awareness that I could now perform this task and, surprisingly, when I gave it a try, I was able to alternately open my right eye while keeping the left eye closed!!! I am so grateful for this powerful work!” K.A. – Florida

“What an extraordinary journey for the mind, body, and soul! The BARS was healing in that it provided me with quality insights and a deeper understanding of life’s priorities. It helped me reduce worries to allow for joy, and I left with a stronger sense of personal harmony. It was a highly rewarding experience, and I look forward to my next session!” D.R. – New Hampshire

“I experienced my first “Advanced Bodywork” session last week and I was so amazed at how relaxed I felt and how very different my body felt after receiving such a non-invasive technique. Several hours later, I could still feel systemic changes in my body and my ear became unclogged after months of feeling as though I was inside a tunnel.” S.P. – Florida

“The “Advanced Bodywork” session was different than any other bodywork I have ever experienced; to say I felt relaxed is truly an understatement — I felt suspended in a state of bliss. The next day I woke up feeling exhilerated and as though I had renewed energy. I also had more awareness and consciousness and I was filled with joy & happiness. Looking forward to the next time!” T.A. – Florida

“I have never felt so relaxed in all of my life. The colors were amazing! After having my “BARS” run 2 weeks ago, I feel as though I have been in a “State of Grace”. Also, I was able to get back on my journey of being in touch with my inner child” which brings me joy.” P.W. – Florida

After first “BARS” Session: “WOW…that really was really interesting! I feel so relaxed and peaceful. How can I have more of that?” T.A.- Florida

I am very grateful for the day that I met Lorraine!!! I attended her Access Bars Class and also the Energetic Facelift Class. She is an absolutely caring and intuitive Facilitator. How does she magically know the pertinent questions to ask to bring up whatever needs to be brought up & cleared?? I booked an hour clearing session with Lorraine, because I had been trying to sell my commercial property for 3 long years with no luck. I owed 3 years real estate and personal taxes and felt like I was drowning in my debt. I had been practicing Access processes and although things would get better for a while they always seemed to always go right back to the same old thing. I watched as other commercial properties in my industrial park sold all around me. I finally realized that I was obviously harboring some deep limiting beliefs that were blocking the sale of my property (it’s one of the nicest units at a more than reasonable price!!). Lorraine verbally processed me, after a few tears and eye opening realizations I finally let go of my limitations. One week after I had a session with Lorraine, I also placed an ad in the local newspaper that would start within 3 days. I woke up the next morning and told the universe “see Universe… I’m really ready now, I actually paid money for an ad!!” It was about 2 hours later that a man knocked on my door and asked to look at the studio…. He loved it and told me he would bring me a deposit check that afternoon!!!!!! The whole time this is happening I am asking “How does it get any better than this and what else is possible???” The kicker is that while all this was going on, I was painting a commissioned mural for a client… that I had charged $1,500.00; my client paid what she owed and then gave me a $2,000 dollar tip….. Okay…. Who does that???? And how does it get any better than that????? She told me I don’t charge enough for my work and she wanted to give me what the painting was worth. I’m thinking “Of course !!! Okey dokey” and I thanked her profusely. So now all my taxes and debts are paid up and I have rented an amazing new studio that I absolutely love!! I have about 10 tons of stress off my shoulders and I have never been busier during the summer months….. my schedule is booked through September!!! Now that I have ‘let go’ of all of my financial limiting beliefs, and have learned to ask questions and make demands, I think it is time to book a session with Lorraine to work on the boyfriend department!!! How much fun is that going to be???” L.S. – Florida


The services being offered are not intended to diagnose or cure any condition, illness or disease. The testimonials given are personally unique to each individual and do not guarantee the same results. Please seek medical attention if your condition persists.

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