Energetic Face Lift

Beyond Botox ~ Non-Surgical Facelift !!  “BEFORE & AFTER” Pictures After 20 Sessions!!!

Would you be willing to look & feel younger with a non-surgical facelift? A dynamic energetic hands-on technique, Access Energetic Face Lift, can reverse the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the entire body, leaving you refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, looking better & feeling younger. Although the results will be visibly noticeable after one session, receiving Energetic Face Lift repeatedly for approximately 20 times, appears to be permanent.  This technique can also have similar effects throughout the body.  As we let go of the expectations and limited points of view of aging and what it means to get old and how our body and face ‘should be’ and what they ‘should’ look like, we open to new possibilities allowing for generative, phenomenal change to show up with ease.  How does it get any better than that?

What if you chose to look and feel vibrantly younger ~ what if your choice began to create something different?

Are you ready to let go of self-imposed limitations so your true beauty can shine out into the world and be the contribution you truly be to everyone and everything, including the Planet?

Interested in taking an Energetic Facelift Class?

These Classes are available to EVERYONE, and did you know Massage Therapists can earn 4 CEU´s?  Add the Access Bars Class and Earn another 8-10 CEU´s.

Lorraine is an NCBTMB Accredited Facilitator for CEU´s and offers CEU´s APPROVED by the NCBTMB and the Florida Board of Massage. Please contact Lorraine for further information.

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