Conscious Living Coaching

Have you always known you were different?  Were you always made wrong for being different?  What if being different was a gift and contribution to the entire Planet, including everyone around you?  Are you willing to be that potent? 

Conscious Living Coaching (CLC) can literally change anything in your life or your body that isn’t working, while facilitating consciousness & empowering you to know that you know,  using the pragmatic tools & techniques of Access Consciousness™.

Some of the coolest  tools of Access is learning to live our lives from question, choice, possibility and contribution, rather than from conclusions, decisions & judgments, all of which are the logical or cognitive, thinking mind.  Simply stated, anytime we conclude, we stop our receiving, dynamically, beyond what we ‘think’ is the ‘right’ answer.  When we ask questions without having to look for an answer, we begin to generate awareness and new spaces of possibility.

“CLC” (Conscious Living Coaching) goes beyond your preconceived notions of what this reality says is real, to a place where we can begin to function from outside the “norm” that everybody else functions from, and actually experience and embrace The Joy of Embodiment.  Are you willing to create and generate the phenomenal life you’ve always known was possible ~ one that actually works for You, in lieu of trying to fit into everyone else’s reality?

Why not schedule your “CLC” session today….what have you got to lose but the limitations of this reality and your mind ~ lose your mind, know that you know ~ gain awareness, and change EVERYTHING that is no longer working for you!  This is my sincere invitation for you to CHOOSE GREATER and Let’s Create Something DIFFERENT on this Planet!!!

Contact Lorraine at 239-282-HEAL (4325) for Private Sessions available in-person, over the phone or via Skype.

Are you ready to be empowered to know that you hold the key to creating the life you’ve always known was possible?

What if you had a “clean slate” to recreate your life filled with joy, fun, abundance, prosperity and virtually everything else you would like to create?

What possibilities would you create in your life if you allowed yourself the freedom from limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions & judgment?

I wonder what capacities, talents and abilities you have that you have not yet acknowledged, that if you acknowledged them would create and generate The Joy of Embodiment?

Are you willing to receive everything the Infinite Universe is gifting to you with ease, joy and glory?

Are you ready to become totally aware and function as the conscious being you truly are

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?



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