Japanese Facial

Japanese Facial was developed to improve one’s health and longevity, emphasizing the prevention of problems rather than curing existing ones. The target of Japanese facial massage is unique – in that it is primarily concerned with the condition of the skin, subcutaneous musculature, what is referred to as ki, or the life-force energy, and to balance psychological conditions. Specific and precise massage, while applying gentle pressure to facial meridians and tsubo (acupoints/acupuncture points) achieves balance in the facial skin, facial muscles and the related body. Balancing the ki flow brings the body and emotions into balance simultaneously.

Japanese facial massage is extremely effective in the treatment of dry and oily skin, acne, wrinkles, age spots, and poor facial tone, as well as migraines, headaches and TMJ disorders. Using a three-stage treatment consisting of cleansing, moisturizing, and energizing, Japanese facial massage stimulates the meridians and tsubo – balancing and harmonizing the condition of internal organs. Important meridians originate and terminate in the face and several points at which ki passes from one meridian to the another. Applying gentle pressure to the tsubo points, massaging the face and very gently stroking the meridians can improve ki flow. This is referred to as the “energizing stage”, thus activating facial nerves and increasing the ki flow to the face bringing about a natural face-lift effect and radiant beauty, also referred to as a ‘non-surgical face lift’.

{How did I get so lucky than to be Instructed by Shogo Mochizuki in 2002?  Shogo is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioners of Japanese Massage in North America}.

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