Happy Mouth Sessions

What if you chose to be conscious with your teeth & gums, and what if it could be ease?    Using the tools of Access Consciousness, Happy Mouth, is a system developed by Dr. Tom Kolso and is a Potent hands-on activation on specific points on the head, along with verbal processing for promoting changes in receding gums,  cracked teeth, decay, TMJ and jaw clenching & grinding, tooth bud activation and so much more.  What if you really could re-grow teeth & gums?  Are you ready to have conscious dental health and  a Happy Mouth?   What are the Infinite Possibilities of Everything is the Opposite of What It’s Supposed to Be?!?

Happy Mouth Systems Include:

  • Dontal Generative System,
  • Bone & Lymph Restorative System,
  • TMJ Restorative System,
  • Tooth Structural Integrity System,
  • Gingival Generative System,
  • Salivary Gland Generative System,
  • and more…


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