Advanced Bodywork – Cellular Memory

The energetic, hands-on Access Body Process of Cellular Memory can facilitate changes within the Physical Body by unlocking the discordant memories, patterning, programming & imprinting of the cells and erases the memory of the trauma, recent or old, as well as scar tissue within the body.  Stored within the memory of the cells and affecting our Physical Bodies are our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, considerations, attitudes, fears & decisions; this is known as Cellular Memory.  After receiving a session of Cellular Memory in the very least you will feel relaxed, de-stressed, peaceful, and calm, and at best, your body & being will commune in Oneness and facilitate changes beyond your wildest imagination.  Sessions can also be facilitated virtually over the phone or via Skype.

Are you willing to let go of everything that is locked up and solidified in your body from past trauma?

Are you willing to allow your body the freedom from stress, anxiety & pain?