Clearing Abuse

There are so many forms of Abuse – physical, mental, financial, self-judgment, emotional, verbal, etc.   The Advanced Access Body Process*, known as the ‘Abuse Hold’, is a gentle, non-invasive, advanced, energetic hands-on technique that facilitates unlocking, releasing & changing everything that has been locked up due to “Abuse”.  This process is incredibly nurturing, caring and gentle to both you and your body.

What would your life  be like if you no longer held onto the patterns of abuse stored in your body?  Are you willing to have such freedom?

*To receive the greatest contribution of this Energetic Body Process, please listen to the Clearing Abuse CD 30 times, prior to your appointment, as this begins to unwind the Abuse we have locked into our bodies.


To schedule an appointment, please contact Lorraine:  239-841-HEAL (4325).